About Lynne Ferrante

Lynne Ferrante has always been full of energy. Growing up, she was one of the most active children you’d ever meet. By the time she was eight years old, she was playing soccer competitively and remained active in athletics throughout high school. She entered college as a sports medicine major and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, which propelled her into her first “real” job in the health club industry.

A Perfect Fit

Lynne loves kickboxing
Lynne loves kickboxing, aerobics, yoga, running, fishing, and boating, but nothing is more meaningful to her than spending quality time with family.

Lynne’s hard work and dedication were rewarded with being named Club Director, a role which found her not only running the entire business, but also teaching fitness classes herself. By all accounts, everything was perfect. Lynne loved helping people achieve their fitness goals and was darn good at her job. And then one day, everything changed.

While teaching a cardio weight training class, Lynne suddenly lost control of her left arm. It was discovered that she had four herniated discs, and emergency surgery was required. Worse yet, her doctors forbade her from returning to the fitness industry and demanded that she find a new career. Everything she’d worked so hard for was taken away, and she was forced to start anew. It was, without a doubt, the most difficult challenge she’d ever faced.

At a Crossroads

Anyone who knows Lynne will tell you although her physical activity was temporarily limited, her spirit and energy remained strong during this trying period. She’s a problem solver by nature, so she started exploring new directions for her life and career. After fourteen months with no exercise, she gradually began working out again. Professionally, in 2005 she channeled her business skill and energy into getting people moving in a whole different way – during the sale or purchase of a home.

Somewhat surprisingly, Lynne quickly recognized an important link between real estate and her previous career. In both instances, her success was all about listening carefully to her clients’ goals and then providing the guidance to help them get there. So when you work with Lynne toward the sale or purchase of a home, she gets to know you and your motivations in order to better tailor her service to your objectives.

Results that Move You

Lynne’s energy and enthusiasm will keep you focused on your goals and make the whole process of buying or selling a home enjoyable.
Lynne’s energy and enthusiasm will keep you focused on your goals and make the whole process of buying or selling a home enjoyable.

A Maryland native, Lynne brings a wealth of local knowledge to her clients in order to help sellers price homes effectively and to help buyers find the ideal community to fit their goals. She is a very hard worker and is always accessible, priding herself on providing extraordinary customer service. Quite simply, with Lynne on your side, your goals become her goals and she protects your best interests throughout every step of your journey.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Annapolis, Crofton or the surrounding areas, call Lynne Ferrante today to experience Results that Move You. You’ll be glad you did.